Intellectual Property & Trademark Registration

In UAE, with success comes the imitation risks for your USPs and concepts. Intellectual property is a crucial matter for businesses. A well-conceived and executed intellectual property policy must be in place to protect your domain of expertise and the future of your business.

Red Berry offers customized intellectual property consultation and advisory services to best recognize the potential worth of your intellectual property rights. Our team’s systematic pre-filing services ensures the accessibility to trademarks for registration, leading to an organized and accurate start. Whether new to the UAE, expanding your online processes or entering the new commercial arrangements in the region, Red Berry’s intellectual property services help you structure your commercial arrangements and position your business strategically in the market.

Trade Mark Registration

Trade Mark registration is one of the major concerns for businesses entering the newmarkets. In UAE, leading corporations as well as newly created  establishments strive for great market image by putting immense value in protecting their intellectual property rights. Trade mark registration and protection forms a vital part of this strategy.

Red Berry’s legal team is fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise required for executing trade mark registration process in UAE. Through our services, we ensure that your distinctive and differentiating products and services are protected from imitation, counterfeiting and other illegal forms of duplication. A well-planned, carefully executed and timely updated Trade Mark policy keeps your business assets in the safe hand as wells as helps keep the market share intact.

The Service Highlights

  • Trademark Searching, Watching & opinions
  • Filing and registration
  • Prosecutions and renewals of trademark applications
  • Defending Trademark
  • Service Mark opposition and cancellation

Patent Registration

With widespread counterfeiting and intense business rivalry in UAE, Patent Registration and protection is inevitably important. Red Berry’s patent registration services are prompt, specialized and diversified to ensure your business patent protection and effective positioning. We provide complete range of services for cases involving protection against imitation, counterfeiting and patent theft.

The Service Highlights

  • Patent availability search & analysis
  • Prosecution of applications
  • Recording of licenses, mergers, assignments and registered patent rights users
  • Protection of rights and annuities
  • Legal translations
  • Opposing/defending patents grant
  • Publication of warning notices

Product Registration & Copyright

Our clients’ unique products and creations are the result of their years of efforts and investment. Being a highly customer-focused corporate service provider, Red Berry’s product registration and copyright team especially offers specialized solutions for meeting clients’ copyright needs and requirements.

We help businesses develop and maintain awareness of their products and services. To support this crucial function, our clients regularly rely on our international product registration and copyright services. Our IP team works on project basis, giving personalized touch to business’s protection strategies for products, including computer software, data base, app, web design, physical and non-physical content, music, and all kinds of creative works. Our experts efficiently handle copyright infringements cases and disputes.