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What do you wish for the people to associate with you when they think of you or your name? How do you want to register yourself in the minds and hearts of your business circles, social circles and even in your personal circles?

Branding is no longer confined to companies, as almost every individual today, is a brand. Traditionally, personal branding implied having a simple business card, but with the rise of social media and individualized society, personal branding has come out as the most important.

Your personal brand matters Your brand is your reputation. It’s your calling card. It’s what you’re known for and how people experience you. It’s about bringing who you are to what you do and how you do it. Delivering your brand clearly and consistently will create a memorable experience in the minds of those you interact with and can open doors to new opportunities.

Personal branding is more than a trademark. It’s a promise that you carry with yourself and with this promise you deliver 100 percent every time to your target audience. Personal branding presents you offline and online to potential customers and clients. Your personal branding develops your business and but it also revolves around you as a person.

Personal branding is not selling. It is based on making yourself available to your circle including peers and clients, in a positive and professional way. Your personal branding reflects your personality, your objectives, your values and norms.

How it’s important to create your personal brand?

If you have a strong personal brand, your business is going to appear more human to the world, winning over people’s trust while making you perceived as a dedicated professional. If you have an attractive personal brand, your clients, customers, press, vendors and even companies in need of talent, would find you to reach out to you. People want to connect with you.

Your name appearing first in Google Search, followed by your home country or town, you are listed on 1st position on your Linked Profile and Facebook Page, you are listed in the local phone book, you have been mentioned in a recent news article; all these elements are the part of your personal brand.

As revealed by a Neilson Consumer Survey, just 33 percent of the customers trust messages coming from a brand, while 90 percent customers trust messages from a person they know. Personal branding helps you finding “a unique you” and presenting it to the whole world to exploit wonderful opportunities, both personal and professional.

The Personal Branding Package

Our exclusive Personal Branding package, fully customized to one’s needs of personal branding, is a perfect blend of modern offline and online personal branding elements.

1. Professional Personal Profile

Our personal branding package includes crafting a memorable, unique and striking professional personal profile, clearly demonstrating your personal values, professional goals and aspirations, and past experiences related to your goals and values. The professional personal profile that we develop is a powerful and succinct brand statement that makes you stand out among the competition and wins the attention of your target market.

a. Mission Statement
Your Mission Statement is the gist of your personal branding and we help you create the right one. We develop distinguished and realistic personal mission statement focused on the practice of what you need to be doing. The personal mission statement crafted by us truly embarks on your personal brand so that you don’t sound like others.

b. Vision Statement
Your Vision Statement is another punch-line of your personal brand, explaining your long –term goals as well as your unique skills and capacities to achieve those goals and inspire others. Our Personal Branding package includes the creation of a tailored vision statement specifically highlighting your passions and values to achieve your mission. It demonstrates your core values, key passions, personal traits, future goals and the potential outcomes.

c. Value Statement
Your personal brand statement and unique promise of value are closely linked. The value statement is an expression of the promise. Both of these focus on what your target market expects from you; they develop an expectation of what you can deliver to them. Your value statement is one of the most important parts of your personal brand profile. Our personal branding package gets it right before you start communicating to the world.

d. Introduction
Personal Branding gives you a unique opportunity to introduce yourself to the world in the most personal way, while keeping a professional tone intact. Your introduction statement is the starting point that sets an impression about yourself in the mind of people. It develops an image you want to create. Our personal branding package specifically creates your unique introduction, considering your personality, goals, inspirations and values.

e. Professional History
It is important that you recognize your personal and brand attributes and relate them to your professional history, since it adds much value to your personal branding. We help you define your attributes and organize them around your professional history. Once all the attributes are successfully aligned, you get a truly outstanding and synchronized branding statement. A well-defined professional history crafted around your mission, vision, goals and attributes, enhances your integrity.


2. Brand Identity

Our Personal Branding Package helps you develop your personal brand identity that clearly and persistently expresses, defines and communicates who you are and what your brand is.
Personal brand identity is more than what you do or what your business website and cards look like. It is you & your brand – uniquely. An effective and well-built brand identity enables you to distinguish yourself from the rest. It not just reflects what you or your business does, but also psychologically captures the minds of the people regarding how well you and your business are going to achieve the stated goals.

Our specialized personal branding package exclusively captures your personal brand identity needs, focused on your “who and do what” statement, your “why you do it” statement”, and your tagline.

Get the most of the following tailored brand identity elements exclusively offered by our personal branding package:

  1. Logo
  2. Font Pellet
  3. Color Pellet
  4. Business Card
  5. Letterhead
  6. E-Signature


3. Online Persona

Do you know social networking sites and online tools present the biggest opportunity for establishing your personal brand identity? Apparently looking like the platforms where people can just socialize with family, friends and acquaintances, the online tools like branded website, and social networking sites such as branded LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Twitter Accounts, are the modern, valuable digital tools that significantly contribute to achieve your personal branding goals. All these together, create your online persona, which in turn, boosts your positive online presence and strengthens your personal branding.

Our customized personal branding package executes a diversified online persona strategy for the clients, leveraging upon all potential online platforms that can escalate the personal branding objectives. These include:

  • Branded Website
  • Branded Linked In Account
  • Branded Facebook
  • Branded G+
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


4. Social Media Marketing package

Brands often extend immense efforts to leverage upon social media for boosting online visibility, traffic and revenue. Their goal is getting more likes, more clicks and providing a positive user experience. But what if the brand is a person rather than a company? When it is about you, a different approach is required to grow your brand via social media. And this is where, “Brand Me”, a customized personal branding package comes into play!

Our social media marketing package for personal branding is smartly developed, taking into considerations all the factors that increase your online visibility and ROI. From a well-designed, well-written and SEO website to creating and running your branded social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram), we find the right groups for you, to keep your image consistent, ensure regular engagement, get diversified content, connect you with influencers, let you participate in the most relevant discussions and help you monitor your name via social media analytics.

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